Guide to the northern capital of Greece.

Thessaloniki is an amazing resort and the cradle of national culture at the same time. Picturesque landscapes, developed tourist infrastructure, a pleasant climate – all this has ensured the reputation of Thessaloniki ideal place to relax. The travelers are like this city.

The Thessaloniki is famous also for its natives. Dozens of celebrities born here in last couple of thousand years. The most famous of them are: the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the patron of the city and the Christian Saint Demetrius of Thessalonica and the creators of the Slavic alphabet the brothers Cyril and Methodius.

What to see in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki have most of the famous Greek landmarks. Most excursions in Thessaloniki begins with Aristotelous Square. It is considered the main square of the city and is known as the most beautiful and majestic in the whole country.

One of the main attractions of Thessaloniki considered White Tower. Built in fifth century to protect against attacks, today has become a museum with an observation deck, which offers an impressive panoramic view.

Next to the White Tower settled Archaeological Museum with exhibits that keeps alive the memory of different eras. Here you can see a wide collection of works of art and artifacts of the Macedonian. Special attention should be given to the jewelry of the Byzantine generals stored in the museum.

Tamples and cherches are taking a special place among the sights of Thessaloniki. Basilica of St. Demetrios (Agios Dimitrios) is known as the most important religious building in the city. Church of the Acheiropoietos – one of the most beautiful buildings of the Middle Ages. Hagia Sophia – a mirror image of the Church of Constantinople Agia Sofia. Temple St. Catherine is famous for its paintings and frescoes of the Macedonian School. In the temple Gregory Palamas are located relics of St. Gregory, and here gather many Christian pilgrims.Prophet Elias Church is a vivid personification of ecclesiastical architecture of Palaeologus.

Thessaloniki is also famous for complex architectural structures of the Roman Emperor Galerius Maximian. His residence is located in the north-east of the city, and the arch of the palace has survived to the present day. This arch with rotonda (mausoleum) is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a major historical monument of Greece. Rotonda has now become a museum, which holds great works of art.

Entertainment in Thessaloniki

In the vicinity of Thessaloniki you can find many beautiful popular beaches:

  • Nea Michaniona, if you prefer a relaxing holiday on the beach
  • for a family holiday you can choose beach Agia Triada with crystal clear waters and golden sand
  • Angelochori, for funs of kite surfing and windsurfing

Shopping in Thessaloniki

To enjoy shopping in the right atmosphere you need to go into the city center on the street Timiski, or parallel to it street Egnatia (slightly above) and Metropolis (closer to the waterfront) and crossing their vertical streets of Agia Sofia, Aristotelous, Venizelos and Paleon Patron Germanou. This is where are located countless shops with colorful storefronts, able to satisfy all tastes and all budgets.

How to get to Thessaloniki

Being the second city of Greece, Thessaloniki boasts its own international airport “Macedonia” and a major port. Available direct flights from many major cities Europe and the world.

Thessaloniki is conect with Athens, Thrace and Macedonia with rail links. In addition, the train can take you to Bulgaria, Turkey and the Middle East.

Between Athens and Thessaloniki go intercity buses that can take you to your destination within 6 hours.

A trip to Thessaloniki will tell you a lot about the history and culture of Greece, will give a lot of fun and will leave a lasting impression!

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