Nightlife in Thessaloniki

Nightlife in Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki at night

Thessaloniki though the second largest city in Greece, but in no way inferior to Athens in regard to nightlife, entertainment variety of nightclubs and discos. In Thessaloniki, nightlife gets a new meaning and entertainment remain unforgettable. Like all major cities of Greece, Thessaloniki offer many options for fun and unforgettable night of entertainment for every taste, from traditional to modern Greek music, from jazz and rock to any other direction of music.

The fame of the nightlife of Thessaloniki has spread far beyond Greece. There are many clubs, bars and discos, entertainment for all tastes and temperament. This is a great university town that comes to life every night. Here people entertain from different cities of Greece and from abroad:

Thessaloniki nightlife

the youth prefer in the clubs to modern music, and more mature and respectable people choose bouzouki (traditional Greek entertainment centers, where fashionable singers perform only live).

Residents of the city of Thessaloniki, even more than the Athenians love night. Rarely do they begin their dinner until 9 or 10 pm, and most of the restaurants and taverns remain open until at least 1 am. Nightlife of Thessaloniki bigins about at 23:30 when clubs, discos and bouzouki open their doors and fun lasts until early morning.

An unforgettable experience waiting for you beginning in the early evening with the first cocktail bars in the center of Thessaloniki, on the waterfront, as well as in the different parts of the city.

The Greek bouzouki

One of the most prestigious and favorite entertainment Greeks of all ages. This is perhaps one of the most autetichnyh entertainment in modern Greece. Singers take the stage after midnight and continue the show for many hours. On bouzouki artists perform live ONLY: usually the brightest pop “star” stashed in the program as a dessert, which means that will appear in scene about in three o’clock in the night (or morning). Special passions reach after three o’clock in the morning, when the audience climb onto the stage, where they sing and dance along with the performers, completely destroying the boundary between stage and audience. Throughout the evening waiters on special trays buds carnations, which inspired audience throws to singers and dancers.

The most famous entertainment nightlife district of Thessaloniki are:


Thessaloniki restaurants

This area once housed factories. Some people compare the area with Ladadika, and others with Gazi district in Athens. The area is an alternative form of entertainment for all categories. Here you will find bars playing jazz, rock and mainstream music, where you’ll have a wonderful time, both in winter and summer. The recently opened new clubs, such as: “Urania Bar”, “Partisan”, “Krifto”, “Rock n Rolla” on the street Valaoritu, “Spiti Mu” on the street Leontos Sofos, “Ipovrihio”, «Elvis» and many others.

Quay of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki restaurant

Along the waterfront of the city of Thessaloniki on avenue Nikis, located a few tens of cafes, bars and restaurants. On the waterfront, you can start your day with a cup of coffee in the morning, afternoon or evening, you can relax after work and shopping and begin the nightlife of the city of Thessaloniki, ordering first drink at the bar. Most of the bars of Thessaloniki remain open until the early hours and will satisfy even the highest demands. Strolling along the avenue Nikis, you’ll pay attention to some of the restaurants and bars of Thessaloniki.


Located in the heart of the picturesque old town with its narrow streets and charming houses, overgrown with greenery and flowers. For the Greeks the name “Ladadika” symbolizes the crossroads of entertainment in Thessaloniki. Once notorious district of the city, located near the port, is currently one of the most famous areas with vibrant nightlife of Thessaloniki. Here are the original restaurants, bars, cafes, clubs and discos of the city of Thessaloniki. Old warehouses and brothels, turned into taverns and bars ouzo. Picturesque Ladadika is opposite to the harbor and is a continuation of the city’s waterfront. For guests particularly there is a pleasant fact that here for one night, you can visit a variety of places, get a full idea of the holiday in the capital of Northern Greece. And you can have fun endlessly and variously, as far as you have the strength, enthusiasm nad free time.

Center of Thessaloniki and the other areas of the city

Thessaloniki entertainment

No less famous center for vacationers and young people are more adult public promenade in the center of the city (Leoforos Nikis) and embankment near Kalamaria (Nea Krini). And if you want to enjoy the night city from above, “climb” by taxi to the Upper City (Ano Poli): walk to the viewing platform at the ancient fortress, sit with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee in one of the bars and taverns of the area, in the evenings they have often live music.

No matter how much has been said about the nightlife in Thessaloniki, its not enough. The city is famous for its lively and fun nightlife. Thessaloniki has thousands of cafes, bars, restaurants, night clubs, bouzouki, traditional clubs, discos. Here you are sure to find the perfect right direction for your night’s rest.

Casino of Thessaloniki

In addition to the waterfront area Valaoritu and Ladadika, you will find many interesting areas with vibrant night life almost in all areas of the city and in the center. Do not forget to visit the area of Mila, Fork, waterfront Aretsus in Calamari, new quay near the Concert Hall Megaro Musikis, bars on the street below Iktinos of Agia Sophia, various cafes and bars in the square of Aristotle and various clubs in the city center for those who prefer alternative forms of night entertainment.

If you are fan of gambling, visit Regency casino of Thessaloniki in 12 km from the city near Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia” near.

Unforgettable weekend in Greece, everyone will be able to organize at will, especially since the prices are more than affordable.

The night comes, and with it the mood for brilliant fun! Meet the hottest points of Thessaloniki nightlife and have fun until the morning!!!

One night at “bouzoukia”
Dinner or lanch in a traditional Greek restaurant
Dinner in Greek tavern listening “Rebetiko” music