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The citybreak-thessaloniki.com up with the latest information technology to operate exclusively online. If you encounter any technical problem please inform us immediately in info@citybreak-thessaloniki.com

Using the services of this site means acceptance of and without prejudice to the conditions listed in this website.

Visiting hours

You can purchase any product website citybreak-thessaloniki, 24 hours 24 hours, 7 days a week. The online center of citybreak-thessaloniki.com open Monday to Friday 09.00 to 17.00. Although the company endeavor to monitor the email and outside opening hours, there is no guarantee that the incoming mail will be read and the company will respond to your requests outside of these hours.

Changes / Cancellations

If you wish to make any change or cancellation of service you have already paid, will be required to send e-mail To the info@citybreak-thessaloniki.com., Quoting reservation code – version and then the change you want. The citybreak-thessaloniki.com .. After making the necessary contacts and actions will contact you to resolve the issue. Change or cancellation of any service charged 10 euro service charge per person if the service policy allows, in addition to the penalty set by the supplier of the service. The thessaloniki.com.den citybreak-bound to respond to requests for changes or cancellations, with time limits shorter than 24 working hours.

By purchasing services, passengers agree to abide by the terms of suppliers, even if a technical error or any other reason do not appear in the relevant section of our website (page import your data).

Complete Booking

Every successful booking process followed by a successful message transaction and reservation code, after the introduction page of the credit card. For every successful booking you will also receive confirmation e-mail to the email address you have registered, which will also enter the reservation code and a detailed list of your reservation. If for any reason you do not see a success message, or you do not receive confirmation e-mail, it is your responsibility to contact the citybreak-thessaloniki.com. in info@citybreak-thessaloniki.com., to see if your booking has been made or not.Sometimes communication can be interrupted without the citybreak-thessaloniki.com. to know what happened to your computer so you must notify us accordingly.

All prices shown on the website citybreak-thessaloniki.com. are real and final and valid for that time of the search. The fares are subject to change depending on the availability of the airline the time of each search

Copyright (Copyright and Trademark)

All contents of this website belong to citybreak-thessaloniki.com or its partners and suppliers. All rights reserved. Other products, names or logos mentioned herein citybreak-thessaloniki.com may constitute intellectual property of their respective natural or legal persons.


The information, software, products and services featured on this website may contain inaccurate information or typographical errors. More specifically, the citybreak-thessaloniki.com and colleagues do not guarantee the accuracy or deny any liability for inaccuracies about hotels, rendered images, product descriptions, hotel services or other descriptions are presented on the website, as the majority of those offered directly from their respective suppliers. At times this information changes. The citybreak-thessaloniki.com, partners and suppliers the right to improve or change the website whenever they deem necessary. The carriers, hotels and other suppliers providing travel or other information on the website citybreak-thessaloniki.com is independent and not agents or employees of the citybreak-thessaloniki.com and his associates are not responsible for acts, errors, omissions, warranties, breach or refusal of any supplier or for any injury, death, property damage or other losses or damages and expenses that may arise. The citybreak-thessaloniki.com and his associates have no liability and will not reimburse any event of delay, cancellation, overbooking, strike, force majeure or other causes beyond the direct control. Moreover, there is no liability for any additional expense, omissions, delays, rerouting or act of any government or other authority.

In no case citybreak-thessaloniki.com, colleagues and their respective suppliers be liable for any direct, indirect damages arising from or connected in any way with the use of this website or any delay or inability to use this website or any information, software, products or services obtained from this website or otherwise obtained through the use of this site, regardless of whether based in contract, fault or direct responsibility.

Passenger rights (for trips made by air) and have been through the site citybreak-thessaloniki.com and Smartickets.gr

A set of permissions, to ensure proper treatment of passengers traveling by air introduced few months ago the European Union. “The airline company operating the flight, with which we travel, is responsible to convey us and our luggage and must respect our rights,” notes the announcement at the Consumer Protection Center (KE.P.KA.) .

Denial of boarding.

When the number of passengers exceeds the number of available seats, the airline must first ask for volunteers to resign from their positions, giving them other benefits, such as the ability to choose between a refund of the ticket ( with a free flight back to your initial point of departure, where applicable) and ensuring alternative transport to the final destination. If you do not want to resign voluntarily, the airline must pay us compensation for:

• 250 euros for flights under 1500 km
• 400 euros for flights, longer distance within the EU
• 400 euros for flights between 1500 km and 3000 km outside the EU,
• 600 euros for flights over 3500 km outside the EU
The airline must also give us
• The return of the ticket price and free our flight back to your initial point of departure, where appropriate or portability, to our final destination. We choose.
• Meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation when necessary (including transport to and from the hotel) and communication facilities


Whenever our flight is canceled, the airline has to offer us:
• Meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation when necessary (including transfers to and from the hotel) and communication facilities.
• The airline has an obligation to compensate us with the above amounts for denied boarding, unless they inform us in advance and on time and offers alternative transport, which, however, will vary over time, from our original agreement.

Subsequent requirements

In cases where the EU airline responsible for delaying the flight, anywhere, worldwide, can claim up to 4,150 SDR (1 SDR = 1,18 euro, 30.9.2004), resulting in losses. If the airline does not agree with our claim may have recourse to justice.

Long delays

Immediate treatment if we check (check-in), for any flight, including emergency charter “charter,” EU airport or EU airport, from outside the EU, when operated by an airline partner of the EU and if the flight is delayed

• 2 or more hours, for flights under 1500 km
• 3 or more hours, for longer distance flights within the EU
• 3 or more hours, for flights between 1500 and 3500 km outside the EU,
• 4 or more hours, for flights over 3500 km outside the EU
• The airline must provide us with meals and refreshments, hotel accommodation when necessary (including transfers to and from the hotel) and communication facilities.

If the delay is longer than 5 hours, the airline is obliged to offer us the possibility to return the ticket (with a free flight back to your initial point of departure, where applicable).

If we do not provide the above, should complain immediately, the airline operating a flight.


We can claim up to 1000 SDR, for losses, which caused us a partial or complete destruction, loss or delay of luggage us on a flight operated by EU airline, worldwide. If the airline does not agree with our requirements, we can take action to justice. Our requirements should be submitted in writing within 7 days of our return. For delayed baggage, you must submit our request within 21 days from the return of luggage.

You can view our requirements, the airline, which bought the ticket, the airline or company operating the flight, if that is not the same.

Injury and death due to accident

We can claim compensation for injury or death, resulting from an accident on a flight any EU airline We have the right to demand advance payment to cover immediate economic needs. If the airline does not agree with your claim, we can seek justice, or against the company, which bought a ticket from us or the company operating a flight.


You agree to defend and indemnify citybreak-thessaloniki.com and its affiliates or suppliers and their officers, employees and agents from all claims, result of an action, claim, loss, damage, fines or other output of any kind including, without limited to what any legal or accounting fees resulting from:

• your or your violation of the liability described above
• from third parties as a result of non-compliance with the terms hereof and the documents listed in this
• violation of law or right of a third
• misuse of this site

Security of transactions

H citybreak-thessaloniki.com – Smartickets.gr works with companies issuing digital certificates encryption communication between server and client (SSL certificate) for the security of the data you enter on websites citybreak-thessaloniki.com-Smartickets.gr.The security of the encryption that proves that you have visited the correct website and allows you to safely enter your personal information. Your personal data is automatically encrypted to ensure your protection, so that they can only be read by citybreak-thessaloniki.com-Smartickets.gr. The safety of the site confirmed the indication of a lock in the browser. Double-clicking on the words you have more information about the security certificate. Also, security is an indication of the letter s after http (https) in the address bar of the browser (address bar).

Privacy Policy

This Privacy agreement covers all personal data of visitors / users / members collected by P. Chronis – KONSTANTINIDOU B. Co., during a visit to and use of services and pages of the website citybreak-thessaloniki. com smartickets.gr. Also, this contract covers the requirements for collecting, processing and management of personal data of visitors / users / members of the citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr with any associates with it. This contract does not cover in any case the relation between the visitors / users / members smartickets.gr and any services not subject to review and / or property of citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr. Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr not responsible for any damage suffered by the visitor / user of web services, options and content of smartickets . gr to make on his own initiative and with the knowledge of the terms of this.

Collection and use of data

The citybreak-thessaloniki.com collects personal information a) when the visitor / user subscribes to the services b) when using the products and / or services and c) when visiting the pages and / or enter the promotional / advertising programs .

During registration the visitor / user citybreak-thessaloniki.com the information sought is as follows: Name, Last Name, Street, Number, City, Zip, Phone, Occupation, E-mail (e-mail). The smartickets.gr uses the personal data of visitors / users / members for three general purposes:

• the information support to customers / users and select the content they offer in order to be consistent with general preferences
• the satisfaction of the requirements of customers / users of services and products available through the citybreak-thessaloniki.com
• informing them about new product and services offerings.

Correction and / or deletion of personal data

The citybreak-thessaloniki.com entitles users / members to delete their personal data, to correct and / or update their personal data and / or inactivate their registration at any time, simply by visiting the relevant service citybreak-thessaloniki.com

Disbursement and disclosure of personal data

The P. Chronis – B. KONSTANTINIDOU OE. undertakes not to sell, rent or in any way publish and / or disclosure of personal data of visitors / users / members citybreak-thessaloniki.com to any third party. The citybreak-thessaloniki.com can release personal information of visitors / users / members of a third legal and / or individuals unless:

• Has the consent of the visitors / users / members for passing personal data
• The passing of personal data for legal and / or individuals who cooperate with citybreak-thessaloniki.com becomes necessary for the realization of desires and / or orders of users / members. Natural and legal persons who cooperate with citybreak-thessaloniki.com have the right to process personal data that users / members citybreak-thessaloniki.com submit this to the extent strictly necessary to provide support to citybreak- thessaloniki.com.
• requisitioned for compliance with the relevant provisions of law and the relevant authorities.


The visitor / user that interests to be advertized in citybreak-thessaloniki.com, to take all necessary for this information should fill in the application the following information: Name /

Company Name – Phone – E-mail – URL (electronic address to the advertising website) and send them to info@citybreak-thessaloniki.com. The citybreak-thessaloniki.com not responsible for the protection of personal data that they follow advertized in this at their transactions with the visitors / users of these services.


The citybreak-thessaloniki.com may use cookies to identify visitors / users of certain services and pages citybreak-thessaloniki.com. The cookies are small text files stored on the hard disk of the visitor / user and are not aware of any document or file from the computer. Used only to facilitate the visitor / user specific services citybreak-thessaloniki.com and for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which services citybreak-thessaloniki.com. are useful or popular, or for reasons of marketing.

E-commerce services

Use of e-commerce services citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr by the visitor / user to disclose the following information: Name / Company Name – Address individual / business office – Postal Code – Telephone – E-mail – fax – AFM – Office – City – Country – Credit Card. The above information is required for issuing the relevant documents (tax) and maintained at the financial file citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr. The citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr can utilize – process data collected from users’ operations in order to record the purchasing interests of traders and to make new offers, unless the user / member services such request not made such offers. The information concerning the purchasing interests of the visitor / user may never be disclosed to third parties outside of the specified exceptions to this Convention.

Credit card

The Credit Card that the visitor / user to use for payment of services / subscriptions citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr, charged only once and only for this transaction unless the visitor / user has chosen automatic debit their credit card each time you renew the subscription or service in which it participates. To citybreak-thessaloniki.com-smartickets.gr not responsible for the terms of use of personal data adopted by financial institutions with which it works to complete the trade.

“Links” (LINKS) to other sites

The citybreak-thessaloniki.com includes links (“links”) to other sites (sites) are not checked by itsself but by third parties (natural or legal persons). In no case the responsibility for citybreak-thessaloniki.com Terms Privacy policies of visitors / users which players they follow.

IP addresses

H IP address through which the H / H of the visitor / user has access to the Internet and then citybreak-thessaloniki.com kept for technical reasons and is used solely for statistical purposes.

Protection of minors

Visitors / users citybreak-thessaloniki.com minors are not allowed to have access to the citybreak-thessaloniki.com that may be considered inappropriate for minors and which can not be controlled by the citybreak-thessaloniki.com. In each unit or service may contain material inappropriate / offensive / immoral is notifying its visitors / users. If you still underage users visit pages voluntarily with material inappropriate / offensive / immoral, and which can not be monitored continuously, the citybreak-thessaloniki.com assumes no responsibility.

Applicable law

The management and protection of personal data the visitor / user services citybreak-thessaloniki.com subject to the terms of this section and the relevant provisions of Greek legislation (Law 2472/1997 to protect the individual and the protection of personal dataas supplemented by the decisions of the President of Personal Data, the PD 207/1998 and 79/2000 and Article 8 of Law 2819/2000 as Law 2774/1999 and European law (Directives 95 / 46/EK and 97/66/EC). These terms are given the rapid growth of technology and particularly the Internet and existing – though not completely developed – mesh of legal regulations on these issues. In this context, any changes will be subject to this section. In any case citybreak-thessaloniki.com reserves the right to change the terms of protection personal given then briefing of visitors / users and within the existing or potential legal framework. If a visitor / user agrees to the terms of protection of personal data provided herein should not use the services of citybreak-thessaloniki.co

Full details of the company : citybreak-thessaloniki.com
Dimitrios Gounaris 12
546 21 Thessaloniki
Mobile: 6973776010-11
Tel: 0030-2310232350
email: info@citybreak-thessaloniki.com
All transactions and credit card charges made by the central office, which issues all legal documents. The information office is:
VAT ID: 081754890 – DOY: 4th Thessaloniki