Tour Thessaloniki “HOP ON – HOP OFF”

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Discover Thessaloniki easiest and most convenient way!

The “Sightseeing Thessaloniki” gives everyone the opportunity to review the city of Thessaloniki on modern buses of open type – in order to fully enjoy the 80-minute tour of the city.

Learn all about the history you are looking for with commentary in 8 different languages. Browse to Thessaloniki in a special way.

The “Sightseeing Thessaloniki” is necessary for the tourist and especially for someone who comes to Thessaloniki for a few days or for a few hours to see the sights.

The route proposed provides 8 stops at the most important sights of the city. The open-tour buses operating from 9 am from the White Tower to 8 pm, with frequencies every 40 minutes, which allows all customers to visit the historical monuments of Thessaloniki.

The green buses enable visitors to gain a panoramic view of the city and see a different perspective of the main monuments. Utilizing the scheduled stops, guests can leave the buses and make a brief tour of the most beautiful places in the city ..

Specifically, the eight postures that make buses are: White Tower, Archaeological Museum, Hagia Sophia church, Church of Agios Dimitrios, Byzantine castles, Kamara, Aristotle Square and harbor.

White Tower

The symbol of Thessaloniki, the White Tower was built in the 15th century and is part of the fortification of the city. The White Tower of Thessaloniki is the point where the walls of sea defense encountered with the eastern part of the walls.

Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki

The Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki was inaugurated in 1962 and hosting finds from the city of Thessaloniki and the neighboring area. The Archaeological Museum presents exhibits of the culture of Macedonia from prehistoric times to modern era.

Hagia Sophia

The Hagia Sophia for several years was the metropolis of Thessaloniki. The Hagia Sophia is great basilica (domed). Visitors of Hagia Sophia will be able to perceive the existence of impressive carved icons and decorations that are reserved from 8th, 9th and 11th century.

Agios Dimitrios

The church of Agios Dimitrios is dedicated to the patron Saint and holds a prominent position among all the churches in this city.

Byzantine Castles

The walls of Thessaloniki were the fortifications of the Byzantine city and are of great interest and importance of archaeological, architectural and artistic point of view. The boundaries of the Walls of Thessaloniki coincided with those of the Roman.

Galerius Arch (Kamara)

One of the most characteristic monuments of Thessaloniki is the Arch of Galerius, located on the upper side of Egnatia Street, a short distance from the Rotunda.

Aristotle Square

Aristotelous Square is a link of architectural history of Thessaloniki with modern era.

Thessaloniki Port

The history of Thessaloniki begins in 316 BC, when it was established by Cassander, King of Macedonia, who gave to the city the name of his wife, sister of Alexander the Great.

Take part in a journey through the history and the beauty of Thessaloniki!

Tour Thessaloniki “HOP ON – HOP OFF”

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